Travool is a fun travel app specially created to serve the kids while they are travelling and/or time out of school.


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Travool is a fun travel app specially created to serve the kids while they are travelling and/or time out of school. This fun app has been created by teachers with utmost eagerness to help students learn more and explore their knowledge through vivid experiences. Whether there are day trips, extended holidays or school excursions, Travool with its avid engaging games and activities promises to keep the kids thoroughly ‘engaged.’ The app offers a dedicated feature called My Trip which uses the GPS locators to look up for your position and offer a range of activities for children based on the current destination. The app offers a range of activities specially designed on the basis of the particular locations and these can be availed while you are in Australia. Another great feature is Travel diary that lets the users to note down all the activities that are to be remembered for a lifetime. These memories will be saved on calendar. The app even lets you send postcards just when you explore something that is cool and worth sharing. Apart from fun activities for kids, the app offers multitudes of games for kids. The list ranges from car/plane games to activity games and online games.


Given the app was purposely designed for kids, it had to be extremely user-friendly and therefore the user interface was designed in a way that demanded minimal precision while interaction. The layout was as easy and simplified to understand. The size of interactive elements was kept prominent and large enough to avoid unnecessary errors while the kid is interacting. Along with the over-sized interactive elements, we integrated colors, icons and fonts that added a lot of depth to the user experience from a kid's perspective.


Travool is an intriguing app for kids developed by Titan-Dev Technolabs. The app is conceptualized with the idea of keeping the kids thoroughly engrossed while travelling and during long trips. The game offers multitudes of games such as car/plane games, and online games. Potential users from Australia can opt for the app in order to serve their kids with fun activities based on their current locations.


Separate description for each ‘Car/Plane games’

We had to display different descriptions on selection of different games in a single view.

Indicate a particular ongoing process in ‘My Trip’ section

We had to indicate to the users that a process of ‘adding places’ is ongoing in a separate view. This was to be displayed, down from navigation, in search bar area

Manage Travel holiday snap section with coverflow animation

The travel holiday snap section had been added with coverflow animation to show holiday snaps. This tend to cause more difficulties and challenges to manage animation and renovation, as well as addition of new snaps.

Travel Holiday snap section

Travel holiday snap section that displays the images tends to cause blank view, and downloading the images from internet each time consumes more time.


For creating one view for all descriptions, where only the description would change according to selection of games, we ultimately reduced the project size & memory processing.

It required just a single view to keep behind the navigation and search bar area. We changed the ‘y’ position of ‘Adding places’ view with animation of some duration to show that view in the front and back of navigation and search bar area.

To seamlessly handle the coverflow animation within the holiday snap section, we integrated carousel slider to mix coverflow functionality in our project.

We integrated default image to indicate internet connection was required. At the same time the images were loaded from internet and were saved to cache, which ultimately gave advantage to get same image immediately from cache rather than downloading again from the server.

Results Obtained

A fun and efficient kids travel app was delivered by Titan-Dev Technolabs. Travool app came out well and gave utmost engaging gameplay and activity sessions through its fabulous set of games and activities. The UI elements were completely in sync considering the interaction of kids with the app. Features like Holiday snaps worked smoothly and easily meet user expectations. Apart from the games, the engaging activities offered by the app based on the user location made it as one of the most popular and much loved feature of the app.