Teteu is an entertaining event application designed particularly for 2014 FIFA World Cup.


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Teteu is an entertaining event application designed particularly for 2014 FIFA World Cup. Speaking of Football World Cup, which is one of the biggest global events,we had a lot of competitor apps deployed in iTunes already. Hence, while making Teteu, we were supposed to create a differentiating factor to instantly attract the general masses. The client wanted us to design an animated football assistant that would talk and dance to eventful situations such as goals, cards, half time etc. As per the client’s requirements, our team created an animated bird that would dance and act in the crucial events of the game. We also laid our focus upon the most important features that soccer fans would look in such an event app.


Playing video on any screen:

The app has multiple screens and the animated football assistant is supposed to play each time a goal was scored or a card was shown.

Content that changes with Scrolling:

There are various menus within the application and each of them had different content. The transitions from one menu to another had to be smooth and glitch free.

No online/available data to load commentaries:

FIFA wasn't live when the app was created. Despite that, we had to have a working app that featured dummy commentaries.

Support of multiple languages:

We had to equip the app with 3 languages which involved managing 3 different strings simultaneously. We had to provide uniform experience across all languages.

Keeping the app size small:

Due to three different languages the application size swelled but we had to keep it within a specified size suggested by the client.


Since these events were unpredictable, we had to create a global view to play the animation and removed it after playback automatically. This way, irrespective of the active menu users are on, the animation played each time a goal was scored or card was shown.

We had to associate menu scrolling with content scrolling. This is how we achieve smooth transitions playing on the app as and when user switched between menus.

For live commentaries, we created a demo json. Using the same json we managed to load more commentaries within the app.

Running the app in 3 different languages needed separate management for all the strings. We opted for localization strings to manage the app data in different languages.

The animated character had to talk in 3 different languages. To accomplish that the first thing was to make three different videos for each language, but later this was changed to one video and 3 audio files for respective languages. Hence for any language, the video played was same while the audio differed.

Results Obtained

Teteu was built within 20 days after conceptualization. The animated character played each time a goal was scored or card was displayed in the game. Transitions were smooth across menus that had differing content. Managing separate strings for three different languages gave hassle free experience to the app. There were no lags in performance as events run parallelly across at the same time in all languages. While all this was achieved, cutting down on two videos reduced the app size to meet the client’s expectations.