Shepherd Rod is a renowned writer who has written a number of books and this app renders all of them them in a digitized form.


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Shepherd Rod is a renowned writer who has written a number of books and this app renders all of them them in a digitized form. The application allows access to the entire collection of books written by Mr Rod and allows users to read them with a rich experience. Users can access each and every e-book and can highlight, add annotations, magnify text and performs other functions to have a rich reading experience. 

The app allows users to access content segregated by chapters, page numbers, doctrines and various other parameters. Users can also search their favorite verses through a search bar. The entire app revolves towards the idea of fluid experience and ease of accessing the desired content. With a combination of web based and native technologies,


Budget constraint for PDF Editor:

The client wanted to highlight texts, add notes and create links on the notes, which would all happen on PDF format. As PDF editors were expensive, we looked for alternatives.

Multiple Highlighting and Notes in a Single Page:

While religious texts are always voluminous, readers always have their favorite lines/versus. Hence multiple notes and highlighting of multiple lines was one of the priorities in the application.

Multiple Colours for Highlighting:

Multiple colours for highlighting favorite texts was demanded by the client as colours could easily differentiate between chapters or types of verses etc.


Client requested for pagination of the content within a single HTML page.

Curl Effect in Web View:

Curl effect is fundamentally a native feature however our client wanted to implement it while the user was on webview. We had to resort to a web based technology to accomplish that.

Numerous Search Parameters:

Searching with keywords, searching through page numbers and searching through book title, were requested by the client and all this had to be done from the search bar itself.


PDF editors are expensive and incorporating one was not within the budget. Hence, we asked for text instead of pdf, that we converted to HTML using CSS tags. We enabled note making and highlighting with the help of JQuery and Javascript.

For quick access to content within chapters, we decided to store the book into discrete chapters on web servers. User can save these chapters locally in the device helping in speedy searching of desired content within the chapters.

To enable multiple highlighting, the app saved highlighted data locally on the device. It also enabled the user to edit their notes and change highlighted portions as they wished.

We provided color picker for the users. Users can select their favorite colour from a colour wheel that pops automatically upon highlighting a section. This was made possible through Javascript.

Pagination of the content was done though implementing tags within the HTML document. This way the end of the page could be identified for successful pagination.

To enable the curl effect we had to identify the active page that we did with the help of HTML tags. The HTML tag identified the active page while leaving the other pages apart. On to this, we used Javascript to get the desired curl effect.

To provide the exact search results with speed,we had to rely on client side technology. Again, with the help of HTML tags and Javascript, we helped the users to reach the exact keyword they are searching for.

Results Obtained

Within a month Shepard Rod Writing was up on the Apple app store. By enabling local storage of individual chapters, users could easily access the content while searching for their desired line, phrase or verse without any lag. Users could also multiple highlight texts within the document using different colours. The app could also identify the start and end of a particular page to carry out desired commands efficiently.