My Single City

My Single City is a brilliant social networking application designed to help Singles in the city find their date/special someone the moment you step out.


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My Single City is a brilliant social networking application designed to help Singles in the city find their date/special someone the moment you step out. The app asks you to check-in a near-by place, and then lets you anonymously search and filter for singles around you by acquiring elements like gender preference, age range, education level and ethnicity. Another interesting element is the reward system that has been smartly integrated within the app. On check-in, the app lets you earn ‘key to your city’ in the form of points and even more on sharing your check-in on social networks. These collective points will then let you unlock exciting rewards and prizes. All in all, the app solves the purpose of singles looking for a robust dating platform. With the emergence of My Single City app, potential daters need not require to rely upon suspicious dating sites. Gone are the days when you had to opt for dead-end dates. With Single City, the process of searching and dating singles of ‘your preferred’ choice is now possible,literally. The app offers an option to upgrade to premium version that offers advanced filters.


This social networking app with unique features, displays a dark user interface that has been carefully designed to add to the app’s exquisiteness. Backed by a robust design, My Single City delivers outstanding user experience. Its flawlessly integrated functionalities allows users to interact with the app and accomplish their desired tasks with ease. Its subtle yet attractive UI elements make the app gripping enough to hold the user’s interest while accomplishing tasks.


My Single City is a robust social networking app developed by Titan-Dev Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. The app offers distinctive features through which users can find preferable singles to date with. The app offers a simplified yet robust check-in feature which further lets them filter their search for singles and also earn ‘key to your city points.’ The app’s unlocked version can be accessed for 30 days for free, and then users can access full functionalities by enabling the premium version for $1.99.


Managing Location update in background

We had to change the continuous location update to significant location update.


Integrate sturdy go premium functionality

Our challenge was to rectify the completion of 30 days subscription and withdraw certain functionalities from the user’s account on that very specific day.


Show Pending check-in

We had to show Pending Check-in when the user’s specific check-in location was far from 0.5 mile radius from his current location.


Merge Single me out Feature

Integrating Single me out feature that would help users to find other singles at a very specific point/location.


Previously we ran continuous location update in background. But apple did not accept the application saying that the application’s scenario does not require continuous location update. Hence, we changed continuously location update to significant location update method. In significant location update, the update occurs when there is significant location change occurring in user’s current location, for instance user moved 100 meter or 500 meter.


The application offers one month free subscription plan for new registered users. They can use complete feature functionalities upto one month. After that, users are required to purchase the premium plan using In app purchase. In order to know that the user has completed a month of free subscription plan and to further restrict the user from using certain advance features, we eventually used web service to track the user details. On activation of the app from the user end, we would check the user’s subscription details using web service and decide when to disable certain app functionality.


Pending check-in was to be enabled when the user would check-in to specific location which is far from 0.5 mile radius of user’s current location. This particular check-in shows up as pending check-in. However, this pending check-in will become active automatically when user enters in the 0.5 mile radius of that check-in location. To enable the same, we used significant location change functionality and we tracked user when some significant change would occur in user’s location.


Single me out functionality is for premium users. To integrate this feature, we enabled users to set or give out specific points when he/she check-in some location. For instance, a user check-in at specific location then he/she can set single me out position like- at the pool, at the door, at the swimming pool, at the garden, and so on. This would let the other premium users see that there is someone single present at this very specific point in that check-in. This feature makes it even more easy to find singles around.

Results Obtained

A brilliant application, My single City, has been witnessing a gradually growing database day by day. With its affluent functionalities users are easily allowed to check-in locations, and filter search for singles through this sturdy application. The app functions flawlessly and its attractive yet understated UI adds to its robustness and exquisiteness. The Single me out feature made available for the users through the premium version simply takes the search process to the next level, and makes it easy than ever to spot the singles around. Whereas, the filter search adds a lot of depth to this platform. The app will certainly be even more exciting and happening in the coming days with stacked up search results, and that would only happen when users check-in and spread the word across social media networks.