IIFYM is meticulously designed to help you achieve end-to-end fitness goals.


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IIFYM is meticulously designed to help you achieve end-to-end fitness goals. Are you rigorously trying to lose fat? Is building muscles one of the top priorities for you this year? Or is it that you have already achieved that dream body and willing to maintain the same forever? IIFYM seamlessly lets you achieve all of the above mentioned goals, and along with that delivers many more functionalities that are meant to strengthen and boost your efforts towards achieving your fitness goals. By setting a benchmark for other health and fitness apps, IIFYM acts as a tracking system that allows you to record all your progress at one place, leveraging your focus towards achieving goals. The app lets you store and organize progress pictures by date, that creates a visual walkthrough of how far you have come. What adds up to the visuals is a time lapse function that speeds up the progress photos to see those subtle changes. You can track your weight progress through easy-to-read line graph. All in all, IIFYM has the potential to help you accomplish your dream fitness goals through its ultimate result-oriented functionalities.


IIFYM app has notched the competitive market of fitness apps by offering an unmatched user-interface and features that completely back the idea of encouraging the fitness fanatics to hit their desired fitness milestones. Apart from the most popular and common features that help lose and gain weight, IIFYM offers multitudes of functionalities that are driven by dedicated progress tracking elements. Uploading and organizing pictures and tracking weight progress through easy-to-read line graph are some of the few features that have been meticulously knitted in its flawless user interface.


IIFYM is a distinctive health and fitness app conceptualized and designed by Titan-Dev Technolabs. The app offers unmatched features that have been precisely designed to buck up the users just when they think they have lost the battle towards attaining their desired fitness goals. The fitness application offers calorie and macro calculator, weight tracker, progression pictures and a multitude of features driven by progress tracking elements. Fitness enthusiasts can even use the time lapse feature that will speed up the progression photos and give them a visual treat of all the subtle changes.


Handle image uploading

We had to manage the image uploading process when the connectivity was lost.

Change language reflection

When user changes language from application’s setting screen then we required to force close application to reflect changes of language.

Avoid the loss of data once the application was force closed

If the application was force closed at the time of sign up, then all the data would be lost.

Manage graph layer

We were supposed to manage graph axis and gap based on multiple screen resolution.


If the internet connection was lost while loading images on server, then the particular image would be stored locally, and once the internet is connected then it would be stored on server.

We solved the problem using Bundle file manage. This helped us instantly reflect the change in language.

We managed controller status and data locally. Hence, even if the application encountered force close, the data remained active.

Results Obtained

A unique health and fitness application, IIFYM was created that exhibits seamless user interface and delivers the best user experience to all the dedicated fitness enthusiasts who have been using the app. Ample of fitness goal seekers have been benefiting through the app’s progress tracking features and the app is proving to be one stop-shop for users who are in search of an absolute fitness app that not just lets them lose or gain weight, but helps them easily track each and every progress towards their ultimate fitness goal. IIFYM has remarkably set a benchmark for other health and fitness apps with its unmatched progress tracking elements.