eepoll is a website for users to create their own poll and get opinion on the options.


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eepoll is a website  for users to create their own poll and get opinion on the options. It serves a set of MCQs to the users. The answers once gathered, are then analyzed or accessed by various channels for their own purpose. The website flaunts a simplistic UI and allows users to find friends too in the process. Equipped with social log-ins anyone can get in, vote and earn rewards.


Eepoll being a competitive social and interactive web application, it exhibits attractive, intuitive and interactive user interface. Considering that the app is inclined to witness major interactions with functionalities like creating polls and voting on appropriate polls, the UI and UX are kept understated. This simply allows the users to understand the functionalities in no time, navigate within the app easily and collaborate with other users right away.


Eepoll is a social and an interactive App that is developed by Titan-dev Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. The web app is a thriving platform where users can participate to create and vote on polls, taking the user engagement to the next level. Users can even follow other followers, explore trending polls and share the polls on social networking sites.


Share Buttons (Fb, TW, G+, Tumblr) were not working for Infinite Scrolling

We have deployed Infinite Scrolling on each page with poll data including Social buttons. When the page loads, on first page social buttons seemed to be working perfectly, but once the page was scrolled, the share buttons stopped working as JavaScript was not affecting HTML.


After a long research, we jumped to dynamic add share buttons by changing some script and it was working as expected. As a result, whenever a user went on the website, he was able to view the polls and the social sharing options smoothly. The user was able to view the social share buttons throughout the page as he scrolled down till the end of the page.

Result Obtained

Interactive and engaging interface drives the users to create polls and engage with people. Sharing your opinion and allowing people to give their opinions by creating polls gets easy. The web app was made capable to serve a new way of social engagement by posting polls and following people and letting the users to share their thoughts in the form of polls. As a result, polls ranging from technology to politics and many more diverse topics started flowing on the website, engaging people of every interest.

What's Our Client says!
I've worked with Titan-Dev for my start up project and throughout the project time period, they were very responsive. Their ability to develop custom and complex web application functionality was impressive
Alo Ritse, Founder