With Orderhive, Robemart enhanced their production cycle, achieved 100% selling capacity and automated inventory process across all offline and online stores


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Robemart was founded by Bill Derek, that offers the finest quality of Turkish bathrobe. It offers customized robes for brides, bridesmaids gifts, promotional purposes, hotels and spas. They do the entire manufacturing process in-house right from weaving to packaging. They further expanded their business by started to offer custom embroidery for personalizing robe.

The idea of pampering yourself while being comfortable

When asked what drove him to start a bathrobe business?

Bill said, “I wanted to offer luxury bathrobe that not just does its function but also enables people to pamper themselves and feel relaxed after a good bath.”

In terms of utility, “We literally want people to stop using towels and adopt the idea of using a bathrobe instead. We want to provide a range of terrycloth bathrobe with fine fabric that absorbs moisture and gives people a warm feeling instantly.

Our robes are made of luxurious terry/velour Turkish cotton. Once anyone slips into our bathrobe, one can feel the luxury and softness against the skin.”


Set up his manufacturing unit and wholesale business

Bill wanted to make sure that he meets the desirable quality standard expected by the consumer. Bill had ample amount of Turkish experience in designing high-quality bathrobes which eventually led him to set up his own manufacturing unit in Denizli, Turkey.

“Our goal was to offer 100% satisfaction in quality, pricing, and service. Keeping this in mind, we took care of everything from weaving robes through end, we do the quality control and packaging ourselves.”

Before moving ahead with Supply chain and approaching other distributors to sell his products, Bill took a moment to understand the possibilities of having an own wholesale business so that he doesn’t have to compromise on the profit margin. By having his own wholesale business, bill can have significant control of the market price of products, and yet have enough room for growing cash flow.

“We have been in business since 1997. Our warehouse is located in Orange County, California. We keep enough inventory in our warehouse to accommodate our customers same day shipping needs”

Rolling the business ahead – Selling products on CS-Cart & Amazon

To further gain control on the business and create more purchase points to scale up sales, Bill built his website on CS-Cart and started engaging customers to buy the products online.

With almost 70% of the USA buyers prefer to buy goods online according to Statista, it is inevitable for sellers today to create multiple points of purchase to invite and engage their customers to buy products online.

“Reasons like easy shipments and buying things at the comfort of their home & offices encourage people to buy online. We wanted to make our products accessible to these large section of online buyers, which led us to start our own webstore and adopt the concept of Multi-channel selling by opening a store on Amazon which proved out to be indeed a profitable move. However, there were some major issues which were staggering our business growth.”

Inventory Tracking:

Managing & tracking inventory across the manufacturing unit, warehouse and online store.

“It was high-time for us to dump the idea of managing inventory through spreadsheets. We needed more transparency in terms of managing our inventory across our physical store and the online channels.”

Bills typical day before Orderhive goes something like this: The products get manufactured at the manufacturing unit, it further gets distributed through warehouses or get directly sold out through the online channels.
Bill maintained one master spreadsheet to compute inventory levels and estimate purchases. However, with counting inventory across warehouse and online store started becoming more tedious and time-consuming. Plus, he was also required to work on fulfilling orders at a fast pace.

The data maintained on the sheet was inaccurate and inconsistent across all the departments, which was proving out to be expensive.

Custom Requirements

Stock Valuation: “Having access to an accurate stock valuation report was important for us, as that helps us to know the cost we have incurred on the goods that we sold, the gross profit and net income we have gained.”

Profit Evaluation:

Bill was in a need of a software that can calculate profit that he has made per product, identify his key selling products, and helps him take better production based decisions.

Inventory Management

Orderhive helped Bill to have the required insight into the inventory level, through which he can plan for future orders and forecast sales. It also helped him to plan his manufacturing activity in advance and maintain safety level stock in the warehouse.

“We selected Orderhive, not only because it has the required feature to manage inventory & orders, but it was a scalable solution, which can be further customized as per users’ needs. Orderhive added another level of sophistication to the system by incorporating stock valuation & profit valuation feature for us.”

Stock Valuation

“Orderhive gave us the computational power to segment inventory by profitability.”

The total stock value is calculated across multiple warehouses. Orderhive fetches the stock details through SKUs in a single back-end and shows the total availability of stock for each SKU.

By this, Bill can calculate the monetary value of its stock per product and plan a sale strategy accordingly.

Inventory Profit

Another interesting solution that Orderhive implemented for us was Inventory Profit calculation. Orderhive retrieved the total unit sold per product across the SKUs and calculates the total profit per SKU. (each product ), making it easier for us to plan our production activity in advance.


 quote icon 1With Orderhive, we can fulfill orders in a single step, maintain our stock level across all the departments, and we’re able to track sales & profit easily. This helps us tremendously to plan our growth strategy. quote icon 2

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