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With Orderhive Plus, Big Poppa Smokers revamped their back-end workflow, doubled their sales and increased order fulfillment rate drastically


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Big Poppa Smokers serve the best BBQ grill & smoker selection on the internet. The company provides some of the most reliable, high quality, USA-made grills.

Founded in 2009, Big Poppa Smokers started its store with BBQ rubs, seasonings, sauces, marinades, accessories, meats, and BBQ Smokers. It also has a large selection of BBQ accessories like Grizzly Coolers, Top Rated Knives, Lump Charcoal, and Wood Pellets – all tested and approved by Big Poppa himself.

Due to their wide range of BBQ products, they were attracting large number of BBQ Lovers to their webstore. With the increased sales, the team decided to use a shipping management software which could automatically import and ship the orders online. As a result, they adopted ShipStation to overcome their shipping hurdles.

As their website is developed on Magento, they had flexibility to support product custom options (like Grizzly Coolers, Knives, Lump Charcoal, and Wood Pellets) on their BBQ grill products.

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What made Big Poppa Smokers think to remodel their existing system – Major Business Challenges
No Tracking for custom ordered products

In order to diversify their product offerings, BBQ offered product variations (custom options like Grizzly Coolers, Knives, Lump Charcoal, and Wood Pellets) on their basic products, which enabled their customers to buy more variety online.

Their existing system could not track inventory based on any variation and also wasn’t able to retrieve information related to the custom products. Due to this, the team was clueless about the delivery of specific custom products throughout the fulfillment process.

Complex Order Management System – Generating PO for Custom products

Big Poppa Smokers doesn’t store all the custom products they sell online, that’s why they are required to make a purchase order and send the detailed order information to the supplier. This PO should also contain the complete custom product info. Even the dropshipment process should follow this route.

Shipment of the right order

Due to the manual way of managing order information, human error was unavoidable. And, as a result they were shipping wrong goods to the customers which was affecting their brand credibility.

Shipment of the product from Big Poppa Smokers Warehouse – Check on the availability of stock in their warehouse.

They were lacking a central repository system from where they can keep a check on the inventory levels and manage the stock for timely fulfillment of the orders.

Considering how Orderhive Plus can be customized and scaled according to their requirements, Big Poppa Smokers decided to adopt our solution.

Central Repository for tracking inventory

Their existing system was used by multiple users, so the team was not able to trace the event which triggered the inventory update.

Orderhive Plus automated Big Poppa’s Inventory system, which results in

  • The system now provokes a notification when the quantity of stock has been updated and whenever a new order or PO is placed.
  • Captures the reason when a warehouse user changes quantity or price of a product from inventory listing page & inventory detail page.
  • Captures any change in quantity, price, and description made within the system.
Automate the PO Creation Process

For certain products, the team required to generate a PO. They are also required to notify their supplier with a detailed description of the order with customer & custom option information.

Orderhive Plus automated their PO system, which results in

  • Automatic creation of purchase orders from the sale orders.
  • Notify the supplier through email as an when purchase order is created with a detailed description about the customer & custom options.
  • Once the Supplier ships the products directly to customer, the PO is marked as fully received in Orderhive.
  • For the next step, Orderhive Plus automatically creates shipment in Magento, invoice, payment in Orderhive and QuickBooks & also generates receipt for the same in Orderhive.
  • Mark the order as paid & delivered in Orderhive and Magento. This way the complete process of order fulfillment is automated by Orderhive Plus.
Planned customization
Integration with Tableau Software

Tableau is a groundbreaking data visualisation software created by Tableau Software. Tableau connects easily to nearly any data source, be it corporate Data Warehouse, Microsoft Excel or web-based data.

Tableau allows for instantaneous insights by transforming data into visually appealing, interactive visualisations and dashboards. This process takes only takes few seconds by using an easy to use drag-and-drop interface.

For further optimization, Big Poppa requires integration with Tableau Software with their Orderhive Plus account. Orderhive has created VIEWS on dedicated server and user, so that they can connect the Tableau software and generate business insights swiftly and easily very soon.

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