Read how Aeyde is using Orderhive to streamline order and inventory management across Shopify and their fulfillment company.


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Aeyde is a premium shoe brand founded by Constantin Langholz. Aeyde offers classy collection of women’s shoes that exude comfort and simplicity.

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The reason why Constantin started Aeyde

“We wanted to start a new era of cosmopolitan fashion, where contemporary style women footwear can be afforded by a larger section of women. We don’t make any compromise on the material. We buy shoes from some of the premium suppliers and offer it to our customers via our online store, but our flair in Italian craftsmanship to tailor luxurious women shoes sets us apart.” – Constantin

Talking further about his brand

“Quality is extremely important to us. Heel to toe, inside and out: Our shoes are made of luxury-grade materials, including 100% percent calfskin leathers. Produced exclusively at a small family-owned shoe manufactory in Italy where materials are carefully cut and stitched by hand, making each pair a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.”

Shopify online store – Giving his Brand an online presence

Constantin decided to develop his eCommerce platform on Shopify as the themes available in Shopify are clean, impressive and inviting. And, this is something very crucial for a luxury brand. Moreover, Shopify partners with eCommerce experts who specializes in design, marketing & Shopify store development which makes it easy for retailers to find relevant companies.


By choosing Shopify as an eCommerce platform, Constantin has the liberty to choose any expert from the Shopify partner list whenever he needs a Front-end solution or service. Also, the app store houses some of the best back-end solutions that make inventory and order processing a breeze for sellers.


The striking realization of losing money & customers with the current inventory management workflow forced the company to think of having an inventory & order management software in place.

When asked what made him realize the need for an inventory management system?

Constantin said, “We implemented everything right in terms of designing an engaging Front-end store. Aeyde as an online shop appealed to a large section of women. However, to maintain consistent results, we were required to invest a large proportion of our time in designing elegant & fancy shoes. And, to be honest, initially we didn’t have much time for streamlining our order processing efforts. We slowly started facing difficulty to keep inventory levels up-to-date too.”

Aeyde use the service of a third-party logistic company, Moodja. They deliver their orders and also takes care of the stock. However, there were still some loopholes in the daily business processes which was causing serious problems.

Our logistic partner, Moodja, were unable to transfer/share any information or updates regarding the orders & inventory to our Shopify store. On the other hand, Shopify was also not able to transfer any information regarding any new order or product to Moodja.

“Our Shopify store was not updated with the correct order status and we were wasting more time in counting orders and on manual entries. We also often faced the situation of double-selling & stock-outs due to not being able to have our stock levels updated in real-time.”

Syncing Moodja with Shopify Store

Orderhive synced Moodja (Logistic Centre) with Constantin’s Shopify store via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) integration. The entire process was automated by Orderhive.

Orderhive allowed real-time data integration, so whenever an order is placed, fulfilled or delivered, the order statuses and inventory level gets automatically updated, which provides the much-required visibility to the end customer and logistic partner.

Constantine is thrilled with how Orderhive streamlined their daily business operations. The below image will help you understand the entire flow of information.


Streamlining the process between the logistic system & eCommerce store

The key benefits of integrating Orderhive with the logistic system are:

Optimizing Inventory

“It was very crucial for Ayede to optimize its inventory level to meet the changing and increased needs of their customers. Orderhive has put an end to calculating inventory optimization metrics manually. The team at Ayede is now fully aware of the stock on hand and in-order stock, and can identify the products’ demand and make arrangements for the same by keeping a high stock of those product.”

Gain visibility across the Fulfillment Process

Aeyde now has more visibility into inventory levels during the entire fulfillment process. They can also keep a track on their fulfillment ratio which greatly reflects the financial status of the company and helps them make informed business decisions.

Valuable analytical insights

Ayeda started gaining awareness on their best selling products, best customers, top sales location, and much more.

“I can now order materials & other products in advance and plan my manufacturing activity to meet the customer demand on time.”


 quote icon 1I invest 90% of my time in my core business activity i.e. designing the best hand-crafted shoes. Orderhive acts as an inventory & order manager for us, and all we are required to do is to make timely purchase of our products. After Orderhive, we have doubled our sales without hiring a single resource with 100% fulfillment ratio. quote icon 2

Can’t wait to see Aeyde’s beautiful collection of shoes? Click here to visit their website.

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