Transcription Service Company Ukraine

Integrating transcription service helps to transcribe customer calls to automate subtitling, and you can easily add text to your speech and convert speech into a text with the help of deep learning.

Let’s see how your text transcribes to a speech with our transcription service.

Transcription Service Company Ukraine

Use cases for Transcription

  • Improving Customer Service

    Transcription is a service used by customer center calls to transcribe calls and for data mine to identify the meaning of the conversation. With our transcribe service, you can build applications that enable text analytics which can research and help to analyze received voice.
  • Captioning & Subtitling Workflows

    A transcription company that uses a deep learning aspect helps you to transcribe the content producers and media distributors to enhance richness and accessibility. That automatically generates timestamped subtitles to be displayed along with the video content.
  • Cataloging Audio Archives

    Transcribing your audio and video assets accurately and converting all your conversation calls to text through indexing and search from your audio/video library. Like Amazon Transcribe Integration, our DL based transcription service helps to monitor risk and compliance management with whole searchable archives.

Key features of our Translation Service using Deep Learning

  • Easy-to-Read Transcriptions

    To match with the quality and for better output of the transcribed script, our transcribe service helps you to automatically add punctuation and formatting at low cost and very minimal time.
  • Timestamp Generation

    To add subtitles to videos or to find any word or phrase, our best transcribe service returns a timestamp for each word.
  • Streaming Transcription

    Real-time audio can be processed in a batch with our streaming transcription feature. Now, live audio streaming can be sent to a service, and receive a stream of response in the form of text.
  • Custom Vocabulary

    Time is here to add your custom vocabulary where you can add new words as per domain requirements for more accurate results. That may include technical terminology, product names, and more.
  • Vocabulary Filtering

    If you want to remove unwanted words from transcripts, you can manage the same by making a list of specified words that are undesirable or program a list of words to remove them quickly.
  • Recognize Multiple Speakers

    With our transcription services, any automatic changes to speakers are recognized and featured in the text form. The other best feature of a transcript is an automatic speech recognition service to help capture various scenarios like meetings, television shows, telephone calls, and more.
  • Channel Identification

    Transcription can also be done based on a channel by recognition. You can even upload a single audio file for transcription through transcription service providers, and the channel labels automatically transcribe it.
  • Automatic Content Redaction

    Contact centres can now share and review transcripts quickly with our transcription service that redact PII, i.e., personally identifiable information and identify from the supported language transcripts.