Mobile App Development using Java

Get high-end enterprise Java application for your business.

Want to develop a robust mobile app using Java?

Mobile App Development using Java
Our Approach

Titan-Dev offer end-to-end Java Web Application Development Solutions

Titan-Dev offers excellent Java development solutions and services for more than half a decade. With our hands-on experience in the Java domain, the skilled programmers at OpenXCell are well-versed with the development of distinctive Java web applications.

  • Java-based mobile application development

  • Java games development

  • Java web app development

  • java software development

  • Java-based eCommerce application development

  • Java Web Portals

  • Java-based Web services

  • J2EE Design Patterns

  • B2B Integration (ebXML, SOAP)

  • Development of J2EE-compliant application servers

Why Develop using Java

Benefits of Java Web Development

Our strength lies in our skills that help us to deliver strong, reliable and scalable Java apps for a plethora of industry verticals. Putting up altogether, we provide a dedicated range of Java web services.

  • One of the greatest benefits of Java in web development is it is a cross-platform tool.

  • Due to JVM, Java’s runtime environment is able to translate code into machine code compatible with the native operating system, whether that’s Windows, iOS or Linux.

  • These aspects make JAVA a powerful tool for large organizations dealing with web development.

  • Java being a specialist language and also a C based programming language, it is more understandable.

  • As Java isn’t committee-driven and owned by Sun, the codes are often cleaner and have a vast library of classes that work well for rapid development.