An IoT Mobile App for better parenting, and baby’s good night sleep.

Hubble approached us with an idea to build a mobile app and smart platform which can integrate Motorola cameras, baby monitors and a host of audio products. It had to be intelligently integrated with an AI model.





What We Achieved

Deeply integrated IoT, AI and ML models into the app, and created a safe home camera, baby cameras and other utility systems integrated into a mobile app.

 An IoT Mobile App for better parenting, and baby’s good night sleep.

Mobile App Planning and Development

Integrating Mobile and Camera

Integrating Mobile and Camera:

One of the hardest part of developing hubble was that it required deep integration of mobile devices and camera. Different types of cameras had to be easily connected with mobile devices so that the application can be used from any device, without any problems. The devices have to be accessed even in lower bandwidth connections.
Talk Back Feature

Talk Back Feature:

With the talkback feature, the users should be able to hear the voice from the camera, and send voice directly, constantly, without any requirement to create a connection like we do on video-calls. The relay had to be constant, and AI was used to make sure the devices activated instantly when voice was perceived by the AI built in.
Seamless Motion Detection

Seamless Motion Detection:

Like voice, video recording and streaming was done using motion and movement tracking in front of the cameras. The camera would instantly get activated at any changes in front of the screen and relay the information directly to the user. Of course, the camera’s AI would study the movement, and make sure it gets relayed if it’s urgent or necessary.
Maintenance of Updates

Maintenance of Updates:

The update cycle had to be kept quick. With a constantly learning AI and ML model integrated, we had to make sure each and every part of the system was cordially maintained, and updates were sent regularly so that it was possible for the system to stay up to date with the latest additions to code and frameworks.

Building the App

FFMPEG Implementation

FFMPEG Implementation:

Working with FFMPEG was a first time implementation for our team for integrating live streaming of videos with FFMPEG. So, in order to achieve this we created several demos to check the successful integration of FFMPEG. Thus we integrated the final working version of the integration of live streaming with FFMPEG.
Code Fixing

Code Fixing:

Reviewing a code of an already built system is always challenging for any developer, and here we need to review the code of a very well built system where lots of work was required to be done, from fixing the bugs to reviewing the code. We got the work done in phases and picked each module one by one and started resolving the issues associated with, hence able to complete the reviewing phase.
Remote Video Recording and Relay

Remote Video Recording and Relay:

Recording a video from a remote location and also enabling the feature to pause/play made us stuck, hence we created demo iterations to get the feature accomplished with perfection. It offers sound alerts, motion triggers and compatibility with Nest.
WiFi Device Verification

WiFi Device Verification:

We created a mechanism which enabled the app to send the wifi credentials to the Motorola device and make the Motorola camera connect with the wifi and the phone as well. Here we successfully created a connection between the mobile and the camera providing the ability to switch the phone to a different internet connection and still connected to the Motorola camera.