Transforming mobile advertising using turnkey services

Controlcast is an advertising app that allows its users to deliver their outdoor digital campaigns to the right audience at the right time and at the right place and eventually drive a powerful social engagement. With Controlcast, you can advertise in seconds, right from your smartphone.


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What We Achieved

“It was important to us that we took the mobile advertising project because it is an important part of mobile revenue generation. " Jayneel Patel (CEO, Orderhive)

Transforming mobile advertising using turnkey services

Mobile App Planning and Development

Understanding Mobile Advertising

Understanding Mobile Advertising:

Advertising on mobile is more than just about uploading pictures and adding a description for the world to see. Mobile users like to know a lot more about the advertiser, including their location, credibility, and they also want to connect with them through chats and calls.
Building a Local Mapping System

Building a Local Mapping System:

Local mapping system means a consolidated map with all the ads, and locations, from which everything on sale can be quickly assessed, without any need to input and data entry system. Building a local mapping system helps in creating a sequential map that can be easily assessed, analysed, updated, and built up for easier management of advertisements.
Applying GPS and other tracking

Applying GPS and other tracking:

One of the most important parts of mobile advertising platforms is that you have to make sure the location and tracking is active and perfectly implemented. The implementation of the GPS and other necessary tracking systems enables the app to be at the center of advertisers and people looking for classifieds.
Creating Connectivity

Creating Connectivity:

One of the major issues with mobile advertising apps is to build connectivity through all the necessary roads and things. One of the major changes requires that the advertisers stay in touch with their audience without any problems. It should be designed in such a way that customers and advertisers can seamlessly interact with the customers.
Building the App


Unique UX/UI for Advertising

Unique UX/UI for Advertising:

Our team made sure in-depth analysis and application of UX principles was undertaken to offer highest quality services and user friendly behavior. This means, even more of the customers would love to use the mobile app as it has been built on the predefined principles of design language.
Advanced Tracking Behavior

Advanced Tracking Behavior:

To build an advanced advertising app, it becomes important that advanced tracking has been used and every advertiser is precisely located on the map. The precision is important because it improves the service offered by the customers, bringing in more customers eventually to the app who are looking for services offered.
Payment System Integration

Payment System Integration:

Payment system has been deeply integrated to make it easy for advertisers to pay for classifieds, as well as for customers who want to securely pay. The advertising platform lives at the center of the customer and advertiser to make sure the customer's payment is secured even after it is done.
Behavior Tracking

Behavior Tracking:

It was not really apparent as to how customers would behave while using the application for the first time. Advanced technologies like AI & ML were used to understand user behavior, and eventually turn on the location services to help the clients better understand the customer requirement and behavior.