Cabo Passengers

An on-demand mobile app for luxury car hiring service Cabo Passengers

Cabo Passengers is an on-demand car hiring service, started with the idea of offering luxury services to customers around the world. They offer Airport transportation, activity transfers, tours, and group transfer to easily accommodate the luxury services demanded by tourists.





What We Achieved

Launched a completely custom-build on-demand mobile app in two months, and received a five-star rating from the client. Delivered the project one month before the deadline.

An on-demand mobile app for luxury car hiring service Cabo Passengers

Mobile App Planning and Development

Front End + Back End Development

Front End + Back End Development:

The challenge was to build a three user interface where there is an administrator, driver, and the end user. It is important that information is properly viewed by all the users of the system so that no discrepancies are met, and there is no communication gap between the parties to the contract.
Simplified Admin Panel

Simplified Admin Panel:

A lot of research had to be done on the admin panel because of the management it requires by multiple users, from customer support to other administrators. Not having clarity could result in lack of role management and increase in incremental cost to the company.
Advanced Feature Integration

Advanced Feature Integration:

Cabo Passengers required some of the most advanced technologies to be integrated with the application like GPS tracking, activity listing, multi-order booking, push notification, payment options, rating and reviews, order cancellation and support services.
Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance:

It was important that the development of mobile apps met with the regulatory compliance set by the government of the country it operated, so that they don’t have to face any other issues in the future. It was a challenge because every rule and regulation had to be deeply studied to ensure the safety and convenience of passengers.

Building the App

User Interface Design

User Interface Design:

The foremost part of mobile app development was to make sure the design was user friendly, not just one paper, but in reality. We needed to make sure every customer receives a personalised experience, and to make them feel that there is another person on the other side of the interface, ready to help them reach wherever they want.
Location Tracking

Location Tracking:

It is very important that the location tracking of the app is accurate so that the driver and the passenger don’t face any discrepancies from the admin side. Using GPS tracking of both the vehicles, we achieve accuracy in location tracking and enabled the live tracking of customers.
Constant Contact App Behavior

Constant Contact App Behavior:

During research it was shown that customers who get bored of waiting for their cab to arrive cancel the booking and find local help. TO decrease this, we create a bot that constantly stays in touch with the customers by sending them constant updates and reminders about the location of the vehicle and how quickly it will reach the customer.
Multiple Payment Options

Multiple Payment Options:

Dealing with the regulatory compliance policies, multiple payment options were integrated so that the customer isn’t stuck with one type of payment to the service. The customer can pay using mobile banking, cash, credit cards, and more. Every essential payment option and gateway has been deeply integrated in the mobile app to make it a success.